Rethinking Video Games

Could video games actually be used for something other than sending upset fowl flying through the air or building make-believe pets that then have to be cared for?  In this article at, the author makes a compelling case for why the right kind of video came can be a useful tool in helping our children learn how to think:

It seems that, if used properly, computer games can be a way to expand critical thinking and reasoning skills.  Now if I could only get past the Pigs in Space level on the other game...


Moira Sullivan

Moira uses a holistic approach that promotes healthy development in the child while honoring and supporting their relationship with their family and the community. A graduate of San Jose State University, she has advanced training in sensory integration, visual perception and visual-motor integration, DIR Floortime, oral motor rehabilitation, strength and endurance training, and myofascial release.