Summertime = Playtime!

I recently spoke with a friend about the change in her 5 year old son's behavior.  He had been having temper tantrums, and becoming upset more easily than other kids his age, although he has a very sweet personality and gets along well with his brother and classmates. 

The family recently decided to take the radical step of limiting their son's outside activities to no more than two per week, the rest of his time was spent in play with his brother, friends, or alone.  The result?  Tantrums gone.  More exploration and creative play that was driven by his interests.  An emphasis on cooperative and creative play.

Amazingly, the family has encountered some criticism, even though it has had an immediate positive impact on all their lives.  Other parents have said that his intellectual growth will be stunted, that the kids are missing out, etc. 

The effects of hurrying children are negative, earlier is NOT better.

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Moira Sullivan

Moira uses a holistic approach that promotes healthy development in the child while honoring and supporting their relationship with their family and the community. A graduate of San Jose State University, she has advanced training in sensory integration, visual perception and visual-motor integration, DIR Floortime, oral motor rehabilitation, strength and endurance training, and myofascial release.