A Community of/for Parents

Parents, we need to give ourselves and each other a break.  Almost daily I talk with mothers, fathers, stepmothers and stepfathers who feel as though, if they are not providing for their children's every need 100% of the time, they are failing.  They feel judged by others if their child is not the star in every category: academics, sports, music, popularity with peers...  you name it.

I wonder how much of the pressure is perception versus reality.  Whatever the source, it's time to create a new culture for ourselves and the children we love.  Some observations:

* By accepting our own imperfections, we allow our children to be imperfect.  This will alleviate pressure and allow them to become fully who they are.

* By taking care of ourselves we help our children to value themselves and each other.

* By showing love and respect to our significant others, we model treating each other with respect and dignity.

* By saying no when appropriate and sticking to it, we teach our children resilience and boundaries.

Having to accept at times a less than starring role will not derail any child and typically, after the initial disappointment, will help them build the resourcefulness and strength of character that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Welcome to the far less than perfect club, everyone.  I've been a member for years!

Moira Sullivan

Moira uses a holistic approach that promotes healthy development in the child while honoring and supporting their relationship with their family and the community. A graduate of San Jose State University, she has advanced training in sensory integration, visual perception and visual-motor integration, DIR Floortime, oral motor rehabilitation, strength and endurance training, and myofascial release.