Children and Success - What Does It Take?

Of course we want the children in our lives to be successful.  Parents try to make sure their kids get into the best possible school.  Educators create curricula that they hope will bring out the best in their students.

We as a society seem to gravitate toward numbers as a predictor for future success.  IQ scores are supposed to indicate ability.  The test scores a school receives are a measure of how good a school is.

I would propose that the tools that children really need to have in order to become successful, happy adults, are persistence and resilience.

The ability to keep at something until we have fully learned it is something that benefits people all of their lives.  Children who learn to work at a goal have an enormous advantage over those who don't, and I believe have a much better chance of living happy, fulfilled lives.

I came across this article recently and thought it important to share:

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